The Institute of Visual Communication (IVC) would place the International University of Beirut on the map of cultural activities in Beirut; and help it obtain higher academic ranking through facilitating and guiding research; it would also provide certificated training programs for BIU students –and later for trainees from beyond.”
Thus Dr. Hassan Choubassi, Chairperson of Fine Arts and Design department (FAD) and founder of the Institute, showcases the Institute’s objectives and the interest it holds for the university, its faculty members and more importantly, its students.

“Through the caliber and scope of IVC’s activities,” he adds during the launching ceremony on February 7th in Beirut’s campus, “we’ll be moving with arts production to well beyond BIU.” Design activities attract a niche culture crowd to the International University of Beirut’s premises through public events like: lectures, seminars, conferences workshops that IVC organizes and curates, and help professionals among its faculty members would earn publication and recognition at the level of the Institution and university. Such activities would also enhance the vital role of the Visual Communication profession’s practice, responsibilities and impact on society.

Mr. Joe Elias, FAD coordinator and co-founder illustrated the labor of 4 months through a presentation of the blueprints of IVC and its mode of operation to invitees who consisted strictly of faculty members from all 7 campuses as well as chairpersons of other departments.

These do share an academic benefit with IVC: the Institute would be promoting, through the customized certificates it’s putting together, some courses of theirs that are of value to the students’ or market’s needs in hybrid programs it is providing.

The following speakers respectively took the stage at the inaugural ceremony.
Following are excerpts from their words.

Dr. Tarek Harb, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences
The Institute’s role in promoting and facilitating research actually bridges the gap in the on-going endeavor towards better accreditation scores. It also creates internal opportunities through routes of cooperation and outreach between the Institution and other university bodies and departments.

Dr. Samir Abou Nassif, Vice President of BIU
Abou Nassif highlighted the dedication and professionalism necessary for any venture’s success.

The last of the speakers was H.E. President Abdel Rahim Murad who gave the Institution his blessings – after all, it echoes the university’s motto that he always quotes: “access to education for all;” be it students or faculty.

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