Mrs. Livia Amoudi, Fine Arts and Design Department faculty opened her photographic exhibition titled “Room 202” at the Lebanese International University – Beirut campus on October 18th, 2018.

Amoudi’s work started one year prior to the opening date in a hospital in Damascus. She spent the last four days with her best friend Reeda that was suffering from cancer, telling her stories about her last trip to Paris. The long hours of story telling eased Reeda’s pain, imagining Parisian places, streets, and venues…etc

After Reeda passed away, Livia went back to France with a mission to document all the scenes from the stories she told to her best friend in room 202 of Damascus hospital.

“Room 202” is an exhibition dedicated to reconstruct the memories of deceased Reeda, as each image represents a story told, therefore a created memory.
“Room 202” photographs are captured in still forever, and now serve as a physical catalogue of the memories of Reeda.

Upon her return to Lebanon, she decided to hold an exhibition in the memory of her friend’s soul, in order to show the world glimpses of their conversations. Each image represents a memory told, a memory that is now captured in still forever, just like the memory of Reeda.

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