Fine Arts & Design Department

Hassan Choubassi, Ph.D

Assistant Professor
Beirut Campus
Block C – 8th Floor
ext 12356

Hassan Choubassi is a visual artist born in Beirut in 1970 holder of a PhD. in Communication Media from the European Graduate School, Switzerland 2014 with a thesis on the politics of mobile connectivity, “The masses: from the implosion of fantasies to the explosion of the political”, he also holds a Masters degree in Scenic Design from DasArts in Amsterdam 2005, and a BA in Fine Arts from the Lebanese American University 1996. He is currently the founding director of the Institute of Visual Communication (IVC).

He has several research studies in the field of communication media, digital and information technology in arts, augmented reality, new media in urban context, anthropological and intercultural city mapping, mobile media, alternative education, new modes of perception for university students.

His art projects including ‘Oeuvres Bacchiques’ 2000, ‘Barcode’ 2001, ‘Written Visuals’ 2002, ‘I am not the others’ 2003, ‘I am elsewhere’, ‘Lost in the city’ 2004 and ‘Beirut metro map’ 2005 were presented in Beirut, Cairo, Amsterdam, Milano, New York, London, Belgium and Spain.

His video works: ‘In the void’, ‘Freefall at 180’. ‘The Other Orange’ 2005, ‘Talk to Me’, ‘Well and Surviving’ 2006, ‘I am the all Knowing the Deceased’ 2008, ‘Dismantling a Weapon of Mass Destruction’ 2008 were screened in Beirut, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hamburg, Luxembourg, Seoul and Copenhagen.