The Institute of Visual Communication (IVC) at the Fine Arts and Design Department is a space for academic research and study in the field of visual communication ranging from fine arts, graphic, interior, fashion, digital and product design to animation and motion picture. The IVC work is in correlation with the BIU research centres.


The IVC is a fountainhead of new ideas and innovation in design and technology, an institute providing a firm ground for creativity to flourish, new ideas to be researched and for the innovators of tomorrow to emerge. The IVC will dynamically place BIU on the map of cultural activities in Beirut and to position the FAD department at the highest level of credibility as an academic and research hub for its faculty and students.

Mission Statement

The IVC is to provide an academic space for interdisciplinary research, studies and documentation around a wide array of subjects in arts and design. The IVC is committed to draw attention to visual communication and its influential capacity on humanity. It strives to organize complementary activities throughout the year, such as lectures, seminars and workshops along with specialized training programs. Furthermore, it induces the International University faculty members to obtaining higher academic ranking through research projects.
The IVC helps in achieving excellent standards of quality research in design and design education by keeping pace with rapidly changing technological climate and prepare creative and technical faculty for global standards and new challenges acceptance.

Misson Objectives

To encourage faculty members in getting involved in various visual communication research disciplines and provide them with suitable environment for it.

To organizing and curate ongoing public events including lectures, seminars, conferences and workshops.

To provide certified co-curricular and targeted training programs.

To provide assistance to faculty members and scholars in publication and recognition acquisition.

To emphasize the vital role of visual communication professional practices, responsibilities and impact on society.

To strive for excellence in development and deployment of design practices and research.

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