Fine Arts & Design Department

Mohamad Bou Ali, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Mohamad Bou Ali is a fine artist born in Kamed Al Lawz, West Bekaa in 1950. Bou Ali is a holder of a PhD in Fine Arts from Paris in 1985. Bou Ali started teaching in the Lebanese University since 1985 and headed the Fine Arts program between the years 1997-1999 and also taught at LIU and AUST.

Bou Ali is a member of the Association of Lebanese Artists painting and sculpture. Bou Ali is also the vice president of the Association of Educational Development of Bekaa. and the secretary of Conservation Society of the Environment. He has several researches and studies in Art History and Arabic Language. His works were exhibited in Lebanon and abroad.

He currently teaches foundation year at the Fine Art and Design Department at the Lebanese International University.

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