Fine Arts & Design Department

Ramzi Hani

Beirut Campus

Ramzi Hani, an interior architect and product designer from the American Lebanese University (LAU), and a holder of a master degree in fine arts from (BCU), Birmingham City University In UK, with an emphasis on furniture manufacturing and strategic product design; he is currently preparing a PHD accentuating on colour therapeutic influences in the Middle Eastern regional architecture.

His professional and academic design experiences had been diversely influenced and dispersed, culminating at Philipp Starck’s London based design studio, where his passion for design has reached its epic conceptually and technically, leading to the creation of his multidisciplinary “The Design molecules studio” based in Beirut, focusing on Interior, specialized furniture and product design fields. Mr. Hani has participated in various workshops, exhibitions, and seminars between Beirut and London, the vibrant cities which he describes as his “muse and navigation” in design.